Interview with award-winning poet Robin Behn. Hosted by Shelagh C. Shapiro, Write The Book airs on WOMM-LP 105.9 FM “The Radiator,” in Burlington, Vermont, every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Write The Book Prompt: Consider a topic you’ve perhaps had trouble approaching in your writing. It can be something that feels too large, emotionally, to tackle. Or something that for some other reason is giving you a difficult time. Think about what details MIGHT be manageable around this subject, and make a list of those concrete details and images. Using that list as inspiration, write for the next twenty minutes and see what happens. If you like, consider at the same time Robin’s allusion to the human brain craving repetition. See if you can use repetition to advantage within your story or poem, the way she was able to work with words ending in “SHUN,” such as constellation and contemplation.

Music credits: 1) “Dreaming 1″ - John Fink; 2) “Filter” - Dorset Greens (a Vermont band featuring several South Burlington High School students)

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